Use Cases


Keep teams closer, communicate results, show products remotely. There are no limits to what you can do with this simple and easy to use platform. See examples of use suitable to each activity.

Board Meetings

Some face to face meetings may be a great embarrassment to the top managers, directors or board members of a company’s schedules. Their responsibilities force them to dedicate time and energy to several tasks at the same time, postponing meetings and decision-making processes that may slow the company’s pace.

NEEAAUDIO is the perfect solution to those who need to be on top of things. Every director or top manager may host or join conference meetings from any place, thereby gaining time to devote to all their tasks.

  • keep up to date and work with a more flexible schedule
  • accelerate your decision making and the results of your company
  • attend meetings from any place saving time and money


Any sales professional knows, better than anyone, time is money. Each prospect requires dedication and investment with, or without, success.

Using NEEAAUDIO as a work tool, the sales professional can meet with clients and prospects from any part of the world, anytime, and better qualify leads at reduced cost, accelerate decision-making and ultimately close deals faster.

  • qualify leads more efficiently, saving money on travel
  • gain extra time to approach more prospects
  • close deals in record time

Investor Relations

Investor relations professionals need efficient communication channels to manage their relationship with analysts, associates and investors.

NEEAAUDIO is a simple to use tool that perfectly suits the communication needs of these professionals. They may easily host meetings with one or more stakeholders from any place in the world to present detailed result reports or answer any delicate question quickly and securely, managing each participant intervention so that meetings are as productive and effective as possible.

  • host private or large conference meetings with stakeholders with total control and simplicity
  • easily manage participants on the online cockpit and make the conference call trully productive

Project Implementation and Management

The success of a project is shaped by good communications, so it is essential to clarify goals and inform each player of his role on the team. Distance is no longer an excuse to delay proceedings. Teams scattered across the country or around the world can now easily join a virtual meeting room to discuss ideas and adjustments to accelerate the success of their projects.

NEEAAUDIO allows teams of all sizes to communicate from any place, and streamline conference calls with documents, graphics or prototypes using the video conferencing and screen sharing features.

  • easily gather teams scattered around the world
  • turn your calls into vibrant meetings with video conferencing and screen-sharing
  • save time and money and allocate those resources to the projects

Customer Support

A company must stand out not only for its product or service quality, but also the experience offered to its customers – a good customer service is a great way to earn customers’ loyalty.

Using NEEAAUDIO you may, at any time, answer questions, show how a product works and provide remote technical support with quality and safety, via video or screen sharing.

  • clarify the doubts of customers and introduce products and services in detail using the features of NEEAAUDIO
  • save on travel and gain time to respond to more customer requests

Internal Communications

The employees of a company are its main ambassadors. Motivated employees are more productive and dynamic, catapulting the company to success. Investing in internal communication channels that encourage cooperation between teams and departments should be a priority for any company looking for results.

NEEAAUDIO can be used as an internal communication tool because it allows you to easily reach a large number of employees simultaneously and share important information in real time through the features of screen sharing and video.

  • encourage cooperation between departments
  • make internal announcements to all departments and branch offices simultaneously
  • boost the way your company communicates


Structuring and building marketing campaigns requires the constant supervision of clients or decision-makers. Adjustments are needed to get the best possible result in tight deadlines.

With NEEAAUDIO, creative marketing teams can get regular feedback from clients without leaving their agencies. They may also submit proposals and prototypes using video conferencing or screen-sharing capabilities, and quickly refocus their work, thereby increasing creativity and saving time.

  • present your proposals regularly using video conferencing and screen-sharing and quickly make emends without leaving your office or studio
  • save time and money to both your team and clients

Human Resources

The job market is now global. Any candidate can apply to a job outside their city or country. Tools like NEEAAUDIO are perfect to remotely host job interviews with total comfort to both employer and employee.

Companies should also invest in its most valuable asset: collaborators. Human Resource Departments may use NEEAAUDIO to organize and enrich training sessions or internal releases, reaching a larger number of collaborators more easily.

  • host long-distance job interviews and get to know your candidate better with video call
  • conduct effective training sessions to all the collaborators at reduced cost

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