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Technical Requirements


Browsers compatibility

  Google Chrome Firefox Opera Internet Explorer Safari
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Video calls Plugin
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1To share your screen you need to install an extension of NEEAUDIO to Chrome - available at Chrome Store.

Video conferencing

NEEAAUDIO supports multipoint video calls through browser and uses WebRTC technology. The video call performance depends on the computer and webcam to be used and the quality of the Internet connectivity. The system adjusts automatically the video quality to the bandwidth available: the better and stable the Internet connectivity, the better the quality of the video call.

  • Minimum bandwidth: 350kb/s per video point;
  • Browsers (last version): Google Chrome (recommended) or Mozilla Firefox or Opera;
  • Webcam: HD quality - 720P;
  • Computer with Intel i3 processor or similar;

Note: the bandwidth available does not ifluence the audio quality of the conference call (audio and video streams use different channels).

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