NEEAAUDIO | How it Works

How it works


Modern and intuitive - NEEAAUDIO's interface allows you to program, start and manage your calls in an easy way using your browser without installing any software.

Start a conference call at the moment

  • Select the conference call participants from your contact list. The contact list is available in the contact area and also in the sidebar.
  • Click “Call Now” to start.
  • System calls you first (organizer). After answering the phone, the system calls automatically to all other participants.
  • Your guests receive a call directly in their phones (landline or mobile) and they enter the conference meeting immediately after answering the call.
  • Additionally:

  • At the beginning of the conference call, the system also sends an email to all participants with a link to join it online (optional).
  • You can view who's in the call and who's online.
  • You can add or recall participants if needed.

Schedule a conference call

  • Select the conference call participants from your contact list.
  • Click “Schedule Call” (or "Add to Call" in the sidebar).
  • In the call managing page, click "Schedule” and define date and time to your conference to happen.
  • As an option, you can activate "Auto-start" if you want the call to start automatically.
  • At the day and time of the conference, login NEEAAUDIO and start the call by clicking the "Start" button.
  • Additionally:

  • As you program your conference call, participants receive an email informing the day and time of the conference call.
  • By clicking on the link sent by email, participants may confirm/change the number where they wish to receive the conference call.
  • System sends a calendar invitation with the link through all participants can join the online conference page.

Manage your conference call

  • View each participant status on the "Call Cockpit": who's in the call, who did not pick up the call and who is online.
  • You may control the audio (mute/unmute), recall or hang up each participant on their respective card.
  • On the sidebar you may control every participant's audio (mute/unmute) and recall participants who have not yet joined the meeting.
  • You may also add new participants to the conference call from the contact list or using the dialpad.
  • Additionally:

  • During the conference you can start a video call at "Start Video".
  • You can also share your screen by clicking "Start Share".
  • All online participants at the call page may start video calls or screen-sharing.

Ready to start?

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