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Conferencing by Email NEW


You can now create and start your conference calls by sending an email to your contacts with full comfort - see how:

Create a conference call on the calendar

  • Schedule a meeting directly on your calendar and invite NEEAAUDIO's email service.
  • The system will identify the phone numbers of your guests and automatically create an audioconference in the scheduled time and date.
  • In addition:

  • When the audioconference is created, the system sends a calendar event to all participants with the instructions to start and join the call.
  • All guests also receive an email with the invitation to join the conference call with a link to confirm or edit the phone number where they wish to receive the call.
  • The system only identifies the phone numbers of the participants already updated in your NEEAAUDIO account.

Start a conference call by Email

  • Send an email to NEEAAUDIO service and write "START" in the subject followed by the ID of the conference call you wish to start.
  • The system automatically calls you at your phone and - after you answer it - calls the rest of the participants, gathering all in conference.
  • In addition:

  • To start the call, you can also send an SMS to NEEAAUDIO number with "START" followed by the conference call ID, or click the link available in the calendar event.
  • When you start the audioconference, all participants receive the call directly on their phone. Participants may also join the call by sendind an SMS to the NEEAAUDIO number writting "JOIN" and the conference call ID they wish to join.
  • In case one of the participants does not answer the first call, the system sends an SMS with the conference ID so that they can join the call whenever is more convenient to them.

Launch a conference call in the moment by Email

  • Send an email to all your guests and put NEEAAUDIO email service in CC.
  • The system identifies your guests contacts and creates a conference call in the moment.
  • To start the call, you only need to send another email to the NEEAAUDIO email service with the word "START" as the subject.
  • In addition:

  • If you have more than one conference call scheduled, the system starts by scheduling order.

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