NEEAAUDIO is a new audio conferencing system that combines the stability and quality of the best phone communications (Telco-grade) with advanced Internet-based video-call and screen-share features.

It is also the first and only audio conferencing system that allows you to join a conference meeting by sending a simple SMS with a code number.

Unlike traditional audio conference systems, NEEAAUDIO conference calls work in a full call-back architecture, making it the most simple and productive conferencing system available.

NEEAAUDIO was developed from zero as an enterprise collaboration tool and therefore was optimized to make conference call scheduling as easy and comfortable as possible.

In a call-back conference, all participants receive a call directly in their phone to join the audio conference.

In a dial-in system, the call organizer must share with their guests the dial-in numbers and conference codes in advance and at the conference date and time, all participants must dial a call to one access number and input the conference PIN codes to be able to join.

Dial-in numbers can be local or international numbers, depending on the system and phone network.

In a NEEAAUDIO conference, the call-back is established to all participants at the same time, reducing dramatically the time that is spent waiting for participants to join the conference call.

Also, the process to join the conference call is extremely simplified, because participants only need to answer their phone to access the conf-call.

In addition, NEEAAUDIO calls have a online control page (call cockpit) that allows the call organizer to control the status of all participants in real-time and control the audio of all participants at once or one-by-one (mute / unmute). Traditional dial-in conferences are made “in the dark”, making it very difficult to control conferences with more than 4 or 5 participants.

The system was optimized to make NEEAAUDIO a simple to use work tool. Users may schedule, start and join a conference call using their email, calendar and cell phone.

NEEAAUDIO allows to host conferences with dozens or hundreds of participants with quality and productivity.

No. NEEAAUDIO audio-conferences use 100% phone-based communications, with the best telco-grade audio quality.

No. Since all voice communications are made via phone, there are no interferences in the audio conference quality due to poor bandwidth or Internet fluctuations.

NEEEAAUDIO is first of all an audio conferencing system, so our commitment is to offer the best audio quality be it a meeting with 2 or 200 participants.

Skype is based in VoIP system - you need Internet access to establish communications, and the audio quality may be affected by the connection oscillation. NEEAAUDIO conference calls are always made by phone, so the audio quality is guaranteed.

Skype is a great solution for chat and 1 to 1 communications, but it is not the best option if you want to meet with more than 2 participants with no Internet access. Besides, free systems are unreliable, and may damage the image of your company.

With NEEAAUDIO you may host multipoint conference calls by phone with a large number of participants with the best audio quality.

First of all, in a NEEAAUDIO conference all participants are called-back simultaneously, so you do not have to waste time waiting for everyone to join the call. NEEAAUDIO is also a pioneering system: it is the only conferencing system that allows you to start and join a call by sending a simple SMS.

More, each participant can join the conference call by simply answering their phones. Traditional dial-in conferences are old-fashioned systems that didn't evolve for dozens of years. If you regularly host or participate in audio-conferences you know the mess it can turn to due to the lack of visibility and control over who is in your call (remember words like “John, are you there? I can’t hear you…”?).

NEEAAUDIO has an online interface called cockpit where the call organizer can manage all participants in real time, simultaneously or one by one, using “mute / unmute” tools, and host truly productive conference meetings.

Finally, you can boost your meetings using NEEAAUDIO video and screen-sharing capabilities.

NEEAAUDIO cockpit is a web platform where you can insert and invite participants to join you in a conference meeting. You can also schedule, manage the calls, start a video conference and share you screen.

With a simple, yet elegant, design, was created to help transforming your conference calls into more comfortable and simpler meetings.

Any user can access NEEAAUDIO cockpit by signing up. Any other conference call participant with no account can access that call cockpit through a link sent by email along with the invitation.

NEEAAUDIO is a very versatile business tool that can be used in small, medium and large conference-calls either with “internal” or “external” participants.

This includes: project status calls, departmental conferences, public corporate announcements, remote sales meetings, sales demonstrations, training conference-calls, collaborative meetings with disperse teams, etc. See specific use cases.

Yes. NEEAAUDIO is as secure to use as your phone. During a NEEAAUDIO call, there is no audio traveling through the Internet. The whole conference is done through dedicated phone lines and no call is recorded on our servers - ever. Call-back system is also quite safe, as it NEEAAUDIO to call all participants.

To bigger safety each conference call has an ID which is shared with the participants by email. They may join a specific conference call by sending and email or SMS with its ID. This way only the participants join the call, keeping it private.

Regarding the web component of NEEAAUDIO (for the video and screen-share), all call pages are accessed in https:// (secure) protocol, and its content is encrypted with a 128 bit keychain.

Users can login to NEEAAUDIO at using their email address and a password. The login page can also be accessed using the “Login” links on the NEEAAUDIO website (

You can have from 2 to 200 participants or more in a NEEAAUDIO call. System capacity (number of participants per call) depends on the licencing plan. Find our different plans and prices.

You can add participants to your call by:

1) simply introducing their names and phone number where they can receive the call-back. In case you know their email contact, notify them by email.

2) send an email to all participants with NEEAAUDIO's email service ( in Cc.

3) create an event on your digital calendar and invite all participants and NEEAAUDIO's email service. The system automatically schedules the conference call and send an email to all participants so they can edit their phone number. Simultaneously the event is scheduled on the calendar.

4) Every participant can also join the conference call by sending a simple SMS with the organizer NEEAAUDIO number. They then receive an automatic call to join the conference meeting.

If you scheduled a call with incorrect numbers for participants, you can always change it prior to the call start (in the "My Calls" menu).

In addition, your guests receive an email invitation with the phone number you used and if they realize it is wrong (or if they want to use another one) they can change it using the link provided in the email.

There is also the possibility to share your NEEAAUDIO number (the number of your conference room) with all the participants. If the participant wants to receive a call in a different number than the one you have, he can send a SMS with the code of the conference room and their number with the respective international phone code.

The call organizer can start their conferences in the NEEAAUDIO online application, using the “Call Now” button.

As an alternative, every participant (including the call organizer, of course) may send a SMS with the conference room number to +44 7860 039 039. The system calls them back and all they have to do is pick up the phone and start the conference.

The organizer may also start the conference call by sending an email to NEEAAUDIO with "START" followed by the call ID as the subject.

Yes. When scheduling a conference call, the call organizer can set the “Auto-start” button and the system will automatically launch the conference call at the specified date and time.

When the call starts, NEEAAUDIO will call the conference organizer and – once it answers – will continue to dial-out to all remaining participants.

When the conference call is started online, the system will send the user to the call-cockpit page, where he can check all participant statuses (phone status and online status) and use the functions of dial/redial/expel and mute/unmute participants.

Yes. When call starts, system will send all participants (with email address) an email with a link that can be used to access the call cockpit page.

No. The conference call participants may or not be online in the call page during the conference call.

The online component of NEEAAUDIO is a useful application layer that can be used whenever needed, but it’s not mandatory to use at all.

Is a participant’s phone call gets disconnected, there are several ways to get him back into the conference:

1) the call organizer can redial participants one by one (or all at once);

2) the participant - if online - can request a call-back in the call cockpit;

3) the participant can use the “Join now” link that is sent by email on call start to request a new call-back;

4) the participant can send a SMS to +44 786 039 039 with the NEEAAUDIO conference room number and then receive a call to rejoin the meeting.

If the participant is following the call online (in the call cockpit page), they have the possibility to raise their hand (virtually) using a button on the call cockpit.

If participant is not online (meaning that he is following the call only in his phone), he can press the “1” key in his phone to virtually “raise his hand” and press the “0” key if he wishes to “lower his hand”.

NEEAAUDIO’s online component allows to use video call and screen-share capabilities during a conference call.

Yes - NEEAAUDIO currently supports multipoint video conferencing.

Yes - NEEAAUDIO currently supports multipoint screen-share (meaning that more than one call participants can be sharing their desktop simultaneously).

NEEAAUDIO uses the best video-quality supported by the participant’s video-camera, up to HD 1080p quality.

There are no defined limits on the number of simultaneous points that can be connected in a multipoint video/screen-share session.

The limitations are established by: the available bandwidth between the participants connected and the processing capacity of the participants’ computers. The system has been tested with success with 8 simultaneous video-points.

NEEAAUDIO uses the new browser-based WebRTC technology in a pear-to-pear architecture for its video and screen-share functions.

WebRTC (or Web Real-time Communications) offer the best video quality, low latency and no need to install any software to have 1-to-1 or many-to-many (multipoint) video-calls.

You don’t need to install any software: NEEAAUDIO is accessible online via any browser.

Your guests don’t need to use any software as well to follow your call online and see who is in and who is out of the call - they can use any browser to access the conference call page.

NEEAAUDIO is supported by any browser for the creation and management of your conference calls. The NEEAAUDIO call cockpit works in any browser - you just need to have Internet connection to control your calls online.

The video and screen-share viewing capabilities are supported natively by the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers (without the need to install any software – browser supported). Video and screen-sharing features are also supported by Internet Explorer (latest release) but requires the installation of a plugin in the browser.

The screen-share capabilities (share your screen) are supported by Google Chrome browser only. NEEAAUDIO recommends to use the latest version of Google Chrome (for both participants and call organizer) during your calls.

Yes - the only requirement is that your guests use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browsers to access the call page.

NEEAAUDIO has two plan modalities you can choose accordingly to your business necessities: the Conference plans were prepared for companies looking for audioconference services; the Video plans give you the possibility to add HD video and screen sharing to your calls.

Each modality is divided into Standard and Pro plans. Learn more about each plan.

With the Standard plan you have no monthly commitment. All you need to do is to add balance to your account and communicate. You can add balance with your PayPal account or credit card.

Pro plan includes a monthly communication subscription, which can be defined according towhat the company needs, the number of users and the expected participants per call.

All participants may access the online cockpit where the organizer can also manage the call.

Video plans allow all users to add HD video call and screen sharing to their conference calls. These features can be important in some virtual meetings as, for instance, sales presentations, remote wortk sessions with dispersed teams or result presentation to investors. Know more use cases.

Each call is paid per minute. You only pay the minutes you consumed in communications. The cost of each call varies from country to country and according to the destiny network (landline or mobile).

NEEAAUDIO rates are very competitive for every country and network. You can simulate the cost of a conference call or see our rates and compare with your current conferencing provider.

The price! If you choose an annual plan you will have full access to the same features of the monthly plan, but you save 2 months of licensing.

Yes. All you have to do is create an account and request a free load to try and test all the capabilities of NEEAAUDIO. The test load is valid for a month.

If you prefer, request a demo with one of our specialists.

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