NEEAAUDIO | System Comparison Guide

System Comparison Guide


There are different conferencing solutions on the market.
Learn more about each one’s features and decide for yourself why you should choose NEEAAUDIO.

On-premise Audio and Video Conferencing Systems

  • Require expensive hardware (peripheral equipment such as microphones and televisions) and sometimes software installation
  • Equipment installed in rooms exclusive for the purpose (inflexible)
  • High investment
  • Often requires expensive maintenance and the renewal of hardware and software licenses
  • High video and audio quality due to the equipment used
  • You may communicate by phone
  • Dial-in systems - you need to call a number to enter the conference meeting and insert an access pin code
  • Limited call capacity - it’s difficult to manage a large number of participants
  • Low control over the conference meeting
  • Unsafe: access codes can be easily reused with no authorization and it is almost impossible to know if there is any uninvited participant listening to the conference meeting

Web conferencing Systems

  • No need to acquire hardware - you only need a computer
  • Most of the web conferencing systems requires software installation
  • VoIP - voice captured by the computer microphones
  • Video quality depends on the webcam
  • Typically phone conferencing solutions use dial-in systems
  • Several features available to boost the call (chat, screen-sharing, document sharing, etc.)
  • Call capacity varies from solution to solution
  • Some interfaces are not easy to use
  • Little or no customer support
  • Some free solutions are unsafe and unreliable, which may damage the image of your company


  • No need to acquire hardware - you only need to use a phone and a computer
  • No software installation required - you can access from your browser
  • 100% phone communications
  • Call-back system - all participants receive a call to join the conference meeting
  • Easy call schedule and invitations automatically sent to participants’ emails
  • Great call capacity
  • Participants may enter the virtual meeting room or cockpit through a link without creating an account
  • Intuitive and modern interface
  • You can control participant’s intervention and make the conference call more productive
  • It can be a complement to traditional video conferencing systems

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